reviews and testimonials

Testimonial: Nick O'Brien
​"Sexual Fears of a modern day virgin" provides a valuable opportunity for young people to explore LGBT+ relationships in a safe and engaging way.

The three storylines are well structured and offer a range of perspectives on intimacy, sexual awakenings and mental health. Moreover, having experiences like seeing this play will only help LGBT+ relationships become normalised amongst young people.

Put simply, I wish I'd seen this when I was growing up and I would recommend it highly!"
Education Lead for Norwich Pride
Testimonial: Jo Swo
"A fantastic piece of work that goes beyond the exploration of the concepts of Queer identity and looks at its involvement in relationships, not only with others but ourselves. A powerful piece that is suitable for anyone from any liberation background."
Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer for UEA Students' Union
Testimonial: Anna Roscher
"We were delighted to have the brilliant Rant&Rave come to our centre and perform their excellent play for us!

Our young people were really engaged and enjoyed watching the play very much, expressing how refreshing and affirming it was to watch some of their experiences (and identities) being reflected on-stage - a rare opportunity for LGBTU youth. They really valued the opportunity to ask the director and cast questions afterwards and share their thoughts with them too. 

I would highly recommend this play to other youth groups across the country."
LGBT Youth Support Worker (Lead Mental Health) Allsorts Youth Project
"The play was very relative to members of the audience. The professionalism of the actors was fantastic"
"Great show, strong messages portrayed with emotion and sentiment. Amazing talent."
"I thought it was a really great way to examine what it means to be a 'virgin', especially in an LGBT perspective. Really interesting concept and I love the inclusion of asexuality. I disagree that sex is only w/ an orgasm, but perhaps she means she didn't feel finished w/o finishing? Overal I really enjoyed it and it really made me think. A really great way to get people thinking about the concept of how sex and identity can overlap. Great job!"
"It is really nice to see artists offering their time. It was liberating and I feel cultured."
"Excellent performance and very compelling characters."
"9/10 Very good insight - leaned things I didn't know and play moved along and flowed along good show!"
Very like it. A lot of fun. Truly enjoyable!
"Fantastic show! Very strong performances - loved the A-sexual monologue. Perhaps switch last 2 scenes as ending felt a bit abrupt? Seriously cracking though! =)
Yes! I sgree! Great show guys. I loved the comedic elements within quite serious content. Very relatable and honest interractions =) Woop! Love from InSightTheatre."