sexual fears of a modern day virgin: 2016

'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin' was first conceived in 2016 when it was devised by the directors and cast. 

The première was presented in accociation with the UEA Drama Society at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2016. We enjoyed a two week run at Greenside Venues and had the pleasure of performing the show to a local LGBT youth group. 

'A pretty straight (and gay and bi and trans) exploration of sexual identity and gender fluidity'
The Scotsman

'Rant and Rave have created something with potential'
Broadway Baby

'A very real and sincere insight into the issues the characters face'
​Grumpy Gay Critic
previous performances
  1. Saturday, 6th to Saturday, 20th August 2016
    Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin
    3pm Olive Studio Venue 236 Greenside @ Infirmary Street Edinburgh EH1 1LT
* Please note there are not any performances on Sundays



Director & Producer - Oliver McFadden
Producer & Production Manager - Lauren Kelly
Assistant Director - Anissa Praquin
Assistant Production Manager - Lorianne Ho
Jordon - Lewis Wilding
Ben - Carys Jones
Connor - Louis Raghunanthan
Jay - Mercy Phillips
Lilly - Zoë Mitchell
  1. Post Edinburgh Debrief
    30 Aug, 2016
    Post Edinburgh Debrief
    Oh my, it’s over. Seriously, I’m not even completely sure I know how to process this. This has been the best and worst month of my life. So, for those of you who don’t know it has been a series of crises: 1) We had a fiasco (totally caused by me as the director) getting our stage box to Edinburgh. Lauren’s Dad had to drive it up and seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH. 2) Next crisis was when, ten minutes before our first show, someone who shall not be named and shamed, DROPPED AND SMASHED THE DAMN
  2. LGBT Youth Scotland
    22 Aug, 2016
    LGBT Youth Scotland
    Working with LGBT Youth Scotland could not have been a more rewarding experience. Taking 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin' to their youth group and doing a performance for them not only invigorated the piece to reach new levels of energy but also showed some of the cast members the true effect that the work we are doing will have. Admittedly, we were nervous at first to do the show in a space we had never seen before, especially as a totally ‘non theatrical’ space. However, it actually
  3. Meet Jay
    05 Aug, 2016
    Meet Jay
    I’ve been fortunate enough to be casted in the production 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin', where I play the free-spirited and bold Jay. I was immediately drawn to the script because I have always considered subjects such as sex and relationships ‘off-limits’ in regards to theatre especially when referring to the LGBT community. I found it brilliant that there was someone out there who was willing to challenge these matters and bring them to light. At first glance at the title, one may
  4. Meet Jordan
    04 Aug, 2016
    Meet Jordan
    I’m Lewis and I am blessed to play Jordan in ‘Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin’. I’ve always found sex, relationships and ‘taboo’ subjects within theatre incredibly interesting and this is what attracted me to the play and the LGBT Theatre Company ‘Rant and Rave’. The elusive virginity and the many questions, ideas and embarrassing stories around what could be considered simply a ‘social construct’ within the twentieth century is what separates this play from the rest. The idea that ‘the
  5. Meet Ben
    03 Aug, 2016
    Meet Ben
    I’d recently been talking to my friends about the lack of representation of the LGBT+ community in theatre. So when 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin' popped up it was a no brainer that I would get involved. I was attracted to the character of Ben/Ellie in particular because of my relationship with my own sex and my femininity and I wanted to explore how if would be for me had i been born in the wrong body. The Trans community deserves a voice in theatre and I wanted to help promote that. ​
  6. Meet Lilly
    02 Aug, 2016
    Meet Lilly
    I’m Zoë Mitchell and I play Lilly in 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin'. The play interested me due to its unique portrayal of LGBT+ characters; although we are now seeing greater representation of this community in fiction, it seems that the focus of these characters remains on the fact that they are LGBT+ rather than their stories as well-rounded people. In 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin', all the characters are much more than just being LGBT+ and I wanted to be a part of telling that
  7. Meet Connor
    01 Aug, 2016
    Meet Connor
    My name is Louis Raghunathan and I'm one of the cast of 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin'. I was originally drawn to the play by the basic concept of how sex affects people’s lives and relationships, whilst focusing mainly on the individuals, instead of their sexuality and gender. I found this approach interesting and wanted to get involved. I play Connor, a gay man in his mid-twenties who is very confident and self-assured. He’s a methodical, logical thinker who doesn’t hide who he is,
  8. Interview with the Directors
    31 Jul, 2016
    Interview with the Directors
    The directors of 'Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin' Ollie McFadden and Anissa Praquin talk about the show and their own experiences within the LGBT community.